Shipping policy

Order Processing Times:

At Cutlaps, we're all about digging berms and railing turns! Meet Luke, the one-man show behind our rad mountain bike clothing brand. Since he's juggling this gig part-time, expect a bit of a delay in the order processing department. But fear not, Luke's pedalling as fast as he can to get your gear packed and shipped pronto.

Domestic Shipping:

Down under (Australia), we've got your back when it comes to domestic shipping. You've got two options to choose from: the classic "Standard Shipping" for a cool $10 or if you're in a real hurry, the "Express Shipping" is yours for $14. Spend over $100 and you'll score some sweet free shipping!

International Shipping:

Now, for our global shred buddies, we're sending stoke to a ton of countries around the globe. Delivery times range from 6 to 28 days, depending on your location. If your country isn't popping up at checkout, just hit Luke up through the contact page. He'll do some extreme maneuvering to figure out how to get your gear to you. International shipping costs will vary depending on your specific location. 

And don't forget, every Cutlaps purchase fuels the fire for the Cutlaps YouTube channel. Thanks for backing the brand and supporting our wild adventures! Keep riding the trails and stay stoked!