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I am stoked to announce the cutlaps shop is open for business!
Every MTB t-shirt sold helps support me and my dream of becoming a full-time YouTuber.

No Dig No Ride - Black MTB T-shirt
Black cutlaps logo t shirt
Hell Yeah MTB t-shirt black

What They Say

Mahson Lee

High quality, great designs, super comfy, and you get to support local Aussie trail building! It’s a win-win! Super responsive and a ripper guy. I can’t recommend Cutlaps enough

Matt Spencer

United States
I like having a way to support more Cutlaps content. I purchased 2 shirts, the quality is awesome but best of all, Luke designed the shirts himself! Ride Loose!

Charlie Parker


If you want cool good quality shirts perfect for riding, digging and just day to day life that contribute to an awesome mountain bike youtube channel and brand that is always welcoming and responsive then cutlaps has the products for you!

What They Say


Love the design and it fits perfect. Really nice quality. A great way to support an entertaining YouTube channel. 

Colin Rankine


The shirt is great quality in my opinion. It feels like the perfect material for me to ride in without getting too hot. The print is very detailed and still holding up after a couple of washes.

Ratscoe Knowlson

It’s hard to find love when you’re two different species. But while wearing this shirt I found the love of my life.

MTB Trail
Building Series

Building A Massive Wooden MTB Berm

Building A Massive Wooden MTB Berm

Building the ultimate wooden MTB berm! Are you a mountain biking enthusiast who also loves woodworking? Have you ever dreamed of building your own backyard trails to ride? Then you'll love this story of how I used my woodworking skills to create a safer mountain bike...

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MTB Trail Building - Get Dirty

Digging Berms
& Ripping Turns

Cutlaps is the latest MTB trail building YouTube series and mountain biking apparel brand. Follow along with Luke episode by episode as he builds an epic backyard mountain bike trail that snakes its way through forests, fern gullies and rocky hillsides. 

Check out the blog to see some of the cool mountain bike trail features he’s built so far. 

And don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel for your chance to win a rad Cutlaps t-shirt!

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