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How to build a MTB jump

Important Information

How To Use The Kicker Calculator

Set the height and angle of the jump you want to build and the kicker calculator works out it’s radius and length.

Important Things To Think About

  • Minimum Length - For a smooth kicker, the minimum length should be at least as long as your bike. And if you are building a jump that is the minimum length, it’s important to make sure it isn’t too steep. 25° would be a good starting point. 
  • Advanced Riders - It is possible to build a mountain bike jump shorter and steeper but they are suitable for more advanced riders.
  • Beginner Riders - Mountain bike jumps around 25° and a larger radius 17ft / 5.2m provide a mellower kicker suitable for people learning to jump. 
  • Faster Speed = Bigger Radius - The faster you go, the bigger the radius should be. If a radius is too small for the amount of trail speed, the jump will feel very abrupt and could cause the rider to go over the handle bars.

Jump Park or Single Track - A dirt jump will have a tighter radius than a jump on a single track designed for dual suspension bikes.

Standard Raidus Guide

There are a lot of different variables that come in to play when working out the perfect radius such as speed and angle. However, based on information I have found online the sizes below will be a good starting point for your radius.

  • BMX = 8ft - 10ft
  • Dirt Jump = 10ft - 13ft
  • Dual Suspension = 13ft - 20ft

The Ultimate Guide To Building Jumps

The information provided here barley even scratches the surface. If you would like to learn more about how to building the perfect jump visit the Trailism website.

Who Designed The Kicker Calculator

Anton Saven is the legend who built the kicker calculator. Visit his website HERE.