by Luke Mallinson

The Whale Tail Trail Build

How we built a MTB Whale Tail out of wood! Join us on an incredib...

How we built a MTB Whale Tail out of wood!

Join us on an incredible journey as two friends and I tackle the challenge of constructing a massive whale tail feature on my backyard mountain bike trail. In this action-packed video, we set out to complete the task within a tight 100-hour deadline before my friends have to leave, or else they won’t be able to experience the thrill of riding it!

To make space for the whale tail, we had to demolish an old dirt mountain bike jump using a mini excavator. Although my buddies had never operated one before, we turned it into a hilarious learning experience filled with laughter and fun. With the jump cleared, we dedicated ourselves to building a magnificent 15-meter-long wooden whale tail, tirelessly working day and night.

What makes this whale tail feature truly exceptional is its versatility. The hump is removable, allowing for two modes: beginner and expert. It’s designed to accommodate riders of all skill levels, making it an inclusive and thrilling addition to the trail.

Mountain bike trail building is fun!

In the midst of our building journey, an exciting twist occurs—I acquire a brand new bike! Naturally, I couldn’t resist taking it for a test ride during a camping trip where I meet up with three incredible fellow YouTubers: Froff, BCpov, and Van Girl Yuka. Together, we embark on a thrilling mountain bike ride, enjoying the scenic beauty of nature while pushing our limits on challenging trails.

Returning to my trail, I join forces with BCpov and Yuka to put the new whale tail feature to the test. As we launch off the impressive jump, adrenaline pumps through our veins, and we experience the exhilaration of conquering its unique design. Their enthusiasm and satisfaction with the entire trail are evident, showcasing the hard work and dedication put into creating this extraordinary mountain biking experience.

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