by Luke Mallinson

Froff shreds my trail!

I have been building a mountain bike trail in my backyard for a ...
Froff shreds my trail!

I have been building a mountain bike trail in my backyard for a few years now. And things are getting seriously fun out there!

Recently, a friend of mine who is also known as Froff on YouTube visited my trail and we filmed this awesome video. It is full of laughs and fun and I think it’s honestly the best my trail has ever looked. 

Top 5 Backyard Mountain Bike Features!

The trail has too many features to count but there are 5 major builds that I couldn’t wait to show him:

    1. The Whale Tail – A wooden jump that is built in the shape of a whale. You ride along its back and jump off its tail. This whale tail has a secret that makes it unique. 
    2. The Stump Drop – A wooden ladder bridge that is supported in the air by an old wooden stump. Riders race across the bridge and drop off the other side. 
    3. The Corkscrew / Dunny Drop – This mountain bike feature has to be one of the most unique features on any trail. The trail twists 270 degrees uphill before riders have to jump over the trail they just rode along. Riders are then sent into a huge wooden berm at warp speed. This is one cool backyard mountain bike trail feature. 
    4. The Boner Log – A long log poking up in the air that riders launch off the end of. Just make sure that you have enough speed to clear the rock wall below!
    5. The Leech Pit – This unique mountain bike feature has 2 options to choose from. You can either launch into the leech pit at high speeds for an extremely fun drop or you can practice your balance and ride across the sketchy skinny bridge. 

    Froff had a great time attempting to conquer all of the unique mtb features on my trail but the funniest part has to be his reaction when I found a leech in his hair! I’ve never seen another man freak out so much about a slimly little creature.

    His final thoughts were “That was the most unique mountain bike trail I have ever ridden!”

    Enjoy the video and leave a comment to let me know what the most unique mountain bike trail you have ever ridden is!